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Welcome to the Impact Gaming Community!

The Impact Gaming Community is multi-game MMO gaming community. We are a group of skilled players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together in semi-hardcore fashion! Each of us has a passion for MMO gaming, but we play other games as well, across all platforms.

This website is home to several major chapters from Final Fantasy XIV to Wildstar. We are always looking to expand into other games and remain a solid team which will dominate the gaming world. In addition there are also public Gamer Groups anyone can join.

Interested in joining? Then check out the links around the site for more information. We update regularly and are always looking for new members to join the community. Check back daily and come see what we have to offer you. There is something here for everyone!

We support the following games:

Community News

IGC Podcast #22 - Controversy Abound

IGC Podcast #22 - Controversy Abound

Written byGrey Jorildyn
in Podcasts

The past month has been loaded with controversy!  From Ubisoft to Nintendo's stubborness, we tackle the news of the gaming world!

Novus #2 is a badass Axe!

Novus #2 is a badass Axe!

Written byGrey Jorildyn
in News

Fearless Leader Grey Jorildyn has completed his Bravus Novus!

Our first Novus goes to...

Our first Novus goes to...

Written byGrey Jorildyn
in News

Kahnya!  He made two, count 'em, TWO Animus weapons and now he's completed his bow Novus as well.

Animus Among us, Pt. 3

Animus Among us, Pt. 3

Written byGrey Jorildyn
in News

We're still making Animus weapons up in this bitch!

IGC Podcast #21 - E3 2014 Wrap-Up!

IGC Podcast #21 - E3 2014 Wrap-Up!

Written byGrey Jorildyn
in Podcasts

E3 happens every year and we're covering it every year (so long as we keep doing this!).  Check out what the Podcast Team had to say about this year's show in this episode!

Guild Meeting 5.29.14 @10pm EST

Guild Meeting 5.29.14 @10pm EST

Written byVae
in Wave Mechanics News

Guild Meeting #3 is taking place this Thursday 5/29 @10pm EST!

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Grey Jorildyn - 12:47

Podcast this Sunday for the listening-type folks! 7pm EST.

AIMonster - 17:54

If anyone wants a Destiny Beta Key for PS4, message me.

Slayus - 10:37

Vote for which game I play on my Celebration Stream this weekend! - 5 hour stream this Sat. @ 6pm EST! Drinking will be invloved :P

Seifer Arumashi - 21:17

It was worth watching filipino champ get destroyed.

Xerlic - 15:33

Shouldn't have stayed up until 2AM watching Evo Monday.

Slayus - 15:18

Migraine Monday xD

Grey Jorildyn - 10:16

Welcome to a new week!

Grey Jorildyn - 01:01

Sorry to hear man. Been in training all week myself. Boring...

Slayus - 13:52

*watches a tumbleweed roll by* Hello? I'm bored at work.... someone save me...

Slayus - 15:55

Had a great time camping with family :) Now it's time to relax tonight with some D3. Going to be playing with my fiance and streaming it. Feel free to stop by @ 8:30pm EST.

Grey Jorildyn - 10:15

Hope y'all enjoyed your holiday.

Slayus - 16:44

15 minutes and counting... Have a good 4th everyone! Be safe too... don't blow off any limbs with fireworks :P

Grey Jorildyn - 15:04

Yep! I think July 3rd has that effect on workflow. Seems like half our staff is out today. Feels like the day before Xmas Eve up in here.

Slayus - 14:33

Same here :P

kahnyarelix - 14:11

Can you tell I'm bored at work.../sigh

Grey Jorildyn - 00:19

Happy Birthday Punch!

Papaj - 21:35

At least there is still a 75% chance the USA advances to the round of 16. Still an upsetting finish though.

The Logolept - 16:33

An Early Happy Father's Day Wish t all of you who are able to say you're a proud Father. Congratulations, and a job well-done in putting your best forward for the next generation.

Grey Jorildyn - 09:28

Belated HB Culexies!

Grey Jorildyn - 20:47

Vog has rl stuff overwhelm him so I closed it again.

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