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  • IGC prepares for The Division!

  • Neutral Impact gears up for change!

  • Now Playing: Rocket League

  • ARK: Taming dinosaurs all weekend

  • Season 6 starts up and we are ready!

  • Staff positions available: It's not this serious...

We play all this and a whole lot more!


Welcome to the Impact Gaming Community!

The Impact Gaming Community is multi-game MMO gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles.  We are a group of semi-hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build lasting friendships! Each of us has a passion for MMO gaming and we play other games as well, across all platforms.

Our community is home to several major MMO Chapters and public Gamer Groups which anyone can join. We are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain solid teams which will dominate the gaming world.

Interested in joining? Check out the links around the site for more information or shoot us an email!  We update regularly and are always looking for new members to join the community. Check back daily and come see what we have to offer you. There may just be something here for you too.

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IGC Recruitment

MMO Chapters

   Neutral Impact Apply


FPS Clans

   The Division Apply


Gamer Groups

   Tabletop Gaming Apply
   ARK: Survival Evolved Apply
   Rocket League Apply


    ts3.impact-gaming.us 9987 27016

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