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Kyrie birthday is in 4 days (28) , MiserySignal birthday is in 5 days (27) , Caliber86 birthday is in 6 days (28) , jvmusic birthday is in 8 days (25) , Hathaway birthday is in 9 days (28)
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Sun Sep 21 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
IGC Event - Podcast #24


The Logolept - 05:51

Gotta love late night 2v2/1v1 duels with NoI~ Good night, and sleep well IGC.

Grey Jorildyn - 15:45

If you wanna outreach, bump our post on ArcheAge forums with a nicety!

Grey Jorildyn - 15:39

disabled the new twitch plugin until I can fix the speed issue. it's a hog on loading time.

Grey Jorildyn - 00:57

Pm me channel name if you want me to add one.

Seifer Arumashi - 22:56

How doth one fix thy twitch plugin mechanisms.

Grey Jorildyn - 12:05

Take our survey today!

Grey Jorildyn - 12:56

Hope everyone's enjoying their holiday.

Xerlic - 09:02

What is GA? Grats doe.

Bjornsin - 22:08

Namine is the 7th best DPS in GA in the world, wtf

Grey Jorildyn - 13:08

Hmm... not sure if Vel was streaming. I wasn't gonna chance it with my PC just recovered.

Xerlic - 10:01

Is our t9 win from last night archived on anyone's stream?

Seifer Arumashi - 10:32


Seifer Arumashi - 10:31

Win32.sys bsod? Apparently a windows aug 12th update is effecting a lot of computers.

Grey Jorildyn - 10:04

Fixed it overnight, sweet.

Grey Jorildyn - 01:31

Having PC issues... Dunno when I can be online again at home :(

Grey Jorildyn - 18:29

omg it's a Shiu!

kahnyarelix - 11:28

Oh my lord it's a Shoeeeeeee

Shiu Sarision - 11:02


Grey Jorildyn - 12:48

Podcast on Sunday 8/17

Wulfgang - 11:43

Haha that WAR pic is amazing

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