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This past Saturday IGC participate in the Extra Life fundraiser, a 25-hour gaming event in which we streamed our tails off to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network hospital "SickKids".

IGC initially set its goal quite low, at a meager $500, but by the end of the weekend we had raised our goal to $1000.  While we did not reach that goal, we did raise $906 for the kids and I could not be more proud of this community right now!

Despite having lost several members and our Star Wars: The Old Republic chapter last week, the sampling of members in our community banded together to see this fundraiser through!  Here's how the donations were distributed among the participants:

Grey Jorildyn: $385 (6 donations)

Papaj: $175 (7 donations)

Miestro: $175 (4 donations)

Maylei: $156 (7 donations)

Bjornsin: $15 (1 donation)

Special thanks go to Seifer, Punch, Helix, Drivvy, Church, KoboldKicker, Nakiroth, and Velera for also participating in the event!  If I missed anyone I am sorry!!!  Post in the comments if so!

Next year we'll set our sights even higher and blow this total out of the water, right guys?!  Thank you to Extra Life for the opportunity to give back to charity and for all the hard work you do over there.  We know the website had trouble and we did our best to get the word out as things were happening.  Until next year, rock on EL!



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