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We give Alhambra a try tonight!  Game of the Year in 2003, this game requires strategy and a bit of luck.  This was the first time for a few us but we got the hang of it pretty quick.  It gets pretty cutthroat after the first scoring phase as AIMonster tries to shut Grey down.  Naughtius plots and plans his own win condition while Winter (Savant) rides out the game in an interesting way.  Watch on for the full game session!



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Enjoy the show!


# Grey 2015-06-13 23:18
Wasn't one my most favorites so far. I think there's a subtle lack of player interaction until you're playing with a full crew of experienced players who are gonna "count cards". Either way, I can see why it's a classic. I think it could use a trade mechanics tbh, seems flat without it. I mean, imagine Settlers of Catan without the bargaining; that's kinda what this is like imo.

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