• Game rotation is determined solely by the player, but the players who are eligible to choose either of the following week's games must meet certain guidelines (below).
  • A player is eligible to select a game for the same day the following week only if they are present on that day.  For example, in order to be in the rotation for next Saturday's game, you must have attended this Saturday's game.
  • A player is ineligible to select if they have already chosen a game and at least one other person at the current table has not.
  • Players will be asked to roll a D20 either in the current tabletop environment or via the Discord chat and the highest roller chooses next week's game.
  • Their choice of game must be submitted to the group's leader within 48 hours.


  • Sign-ups are posted at the start of the week, usually around Sunday or Monday, for the following week's games.
  • Players may sign-up for either or both games via the website or by leaving a message in Discord mentioning the group leader.
  • You may sign-up right up until the start of the event but the sooner the better.


  • Players who are "inactive" for thirty (30) days will be removed from the Discord and have their forum permissions revoked.
  • Inactivity is defined as no communication whatsoever of any kind.
  • Certain players may also have their privileges revoked for not attending an official event for several weeks.
  • The removal of any players is taken with the utmost seriousness and is at the discretion of the group's leader.


***Please note these rules are subject to change without prior announcement.  Any rule changes made to this page are retroactive.


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