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  • IGC Podcast #86 - Git Gud, They Said

    This week we're all caught up on Mass Effect: Andromeda! It's been a big year of releases so far with many more to come. We're gonna talk about the news, announcements and debuts, and tell you what games are coming so you can salivate over them, and update you on our fantasy draft. Check it out now. or something.

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  • IGC Podcast #85 - Let's Switch It Up

    The Nintendo Switch has arrived and boy has it been a rocky launch. Nintendo fanboys don't seemed phased however. In any case we're going to review all the details of the launch and then talk about things other than the Switch. You know, like the upcoming release, our fantasy draft, and any other news you may missed among the sea of Nintendo articles. Don't worry, we got your covered.

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  • Tabletop Afternoon 3.4.17 - Secret Palpatine

    This week's game features a Star Wars themed variant of the extremely popular (on Tabletop Simulator) Secret Hitler, called Secret Palpatine.  Will the Separatists be able to outsmart and deceive the Loyalists and install a new Dark Lord of the Sith?  Will someone finally assassinate Jar Jar Binks and save the galaxy from his terror?  This is definitely the video you are looking for!  *Jedi Mind Trick* 

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  • Overwatch is Back!

    That's right! Time to get your Overwatch back on!

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Website/Forum Modifications

6 years 8 months ago #1 by Grey Jorildyn
Added Youtube support
Added Strikethrough feature
Added Center Text feature

Avatar: Max file now 10MB, max dimensions 120x120px
Attachments: unlimited file size allowed, up to 10 per PM/post
PMs: Max mailboxes changed to 10 from 4. Max messages from 100 from 50.

Added Spoiler tag feature

Added XBL support/Leaderboard mod (prosilver/subsilver2)
Added Facebook Profile entry (prosilver only)

Added favicon support to all templates currently installed

Added whiteboard (offsite/embedded)
Added redirect for whiteboard
Added Countdown Timer on subsilver2 at top of site

Allowed all filetypes for attachments (post and PM)

Survey software added to the website

Added Subject Prefix
Added Topic Preview

Added Latest Topic plugin

Added FFXIV Database syndication (Yellow Gremlin)

Added FFXIVArchives syndication
Added JustinTV support

You can place requests for other features in this thread. Please post off-site links for any mods, styles, etc. to make the process go quicker.
6 years 8 months ago #2 by Grey Jorildyn
Added new mods today--may have reset your forum skin so change it back if you like.

With the XBOX mod you can enter your gamertag in profile and it will draw the data from XBL. You can have it use your XBL avatar and gamecard as your forum avatar and signature, respectively, as well.

Trying to find a working Skype mod as well.
6 years 8 months ago #3 by Xerlic
Not sure where to put this, but I'm having issues with the pop-up on the DKP that says there is a new application. It doesn't "remember" that I've viewed the app. Like for example, I go to the toppage and the pop-up says there's a new application. I go to view the app and add my comments. I then navigate somewhere else, and the pop up comes back. I close it, and it still comes up when I navigate to a new page. Is this an issue with the DKP or my own internet settings?
6 years 7 months ago #4 by Grey Jorildyn
Nah it just keeps popping up until you actually vote. If it bothers ppl I can disable it so only pops up once.
6 years 7 months ago #5 by Xerlic

Grey wrote: Nah it just keeps popping up until you actually vote. If it bothers ppl I can disable it so only pops up once.

This please. I don't always vote on an app as soon as it's up, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
6 years 7 months ago #6 by Grey Jorildyn
Popups removed.

edit: yea I lied, there isn't a way to do that apparently...
6 years 7 months ago #7 by Grey Jorildyn
Because of the introduction of surnames in this game, people may still be deciding on a second title. To accommodate this I've allowed all users to change their board name in the interim. To do so, perform the following steps:

1. Access User Control Panel
2. Click 'Profile'
3. Select 'edit account settings'

VERY IMPORTANT: Changing your user name will also modify the name you use to log into the forums so please be aware of this. Log out and back in immediately to update your browser's login cookie for this website.
6 years 7 months ago #8 by Grey Jorildyn
I will also do DKP name changes for anyone that wants one. I would prefer DKP/forum logins to be the same and match your character name, but I won't force anyone.
6 years 7 months ago #9 by Grey Jorildyn
Whiteboard is now active. It is hosted offsite but is embedded into this window. I recommend opening it in its own window however as it gets a bit slow in the frame.
6 years 7 months ago #10 by Grey Jorildyn
You can now attach almost any file type to posts and PMs.


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