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Adomaitis birthday is in 1 day (29) , Wilhelm birthday is in 5 days (24) , Tetheta birthday is in 6 days (21) , Velera Lunalei birthday is in 7 days (29)
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Wulfgang - 11:43

Haha that WAR pic is amazing

Grey Jorildyn - 09:56

That is entirely accurate.

Xerlic - 08:44 WAR in a nutshell

Wulfgang - 15:59

IT'S FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE! Seif where you at!

Slayus - 11:57

Woo! It's Friday now! 3 hour stream tonight @ 8pm EST!

Grey Jorildyn - 12:16


Grey Jorildyn - 12:47

Podcast this Sunday for the listening-type folks! 7pm EST.

AIMonster - 17:54

If anyone wants a Destiny Beta Key for PS4, message me.

Slayus - 10:37

Vote for which game I play on my Celebration Stream this weekend! - 5 hour stream this Sat. @ 6pm EST! Drinking will be invloved :P

Seifer Arumashi - 21:17

It was worth watching filipino champ get destroyed.

Xerlic - 15:33

Shouldn't have stayed up until 2AM watching Evo Monday.

Slayus - 15:18

Migraine Monday xD

Grey Jorildyn - 10:16

Welcome to a new week!

Grey Jorildyn - 01:01

Sorry to hear man. Been in training all week myself. Boring...

Slayus - 13:52

*watches a tumbleweed roll by* Hello? I'm bored at work.... someone save me...

Slayus - 15:55

Had a great time camping with family :) Now it's time to relax tonight with some D3. Going to be playing with my fiance and streaming it. Feel free to stop by @ 8:30pm EST.

Grey Jorildyn - 10:15

Hope y'all enjoyed your holiday.

Slayus - 16:44

15 minutes and counting... Have a good 4th everyone! Be safe too... don't blow off any limbs with fireworks :P

Grey Jorildyn - 15:04

Yep! I think July 3rd has that effect on workflow. Seems like half our staff is out today. Feels like the day before Xmas Eve up in here.

Slayus - 14:33

Same here :P

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