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Sun Feb 08 @ 7:00PM -
IGC Event - Podcast #31


Grey Jorildyn - 22:58

Well maybe they should since it's been in the same place for over a year now!

AIMonster - 17:28

Nvm it's in the event calendar. Nobody looks at that!

AIMonster - 17:27

Grey, if you posted the time of the community meeting somewhere, I have no idea where.

Grey Jorildyn - 12:24

Community Meeting tonight!

Grey Jorildyn - 22:27

Welcome, Noble Impact peoples!

Grey Jorildyn - 11:16

I miss Toc.

Grey Jorildyn - 22:36

Yes, I lightened the text on the website. It's a little odd at first.

Grey Jorildyn - 14:32

That's weird. I was just wondering where you'd gotten off to Kittra, and now there you are.

Kittra Thelder - 14:23

I don't remember it being April 1st yet?

Grey Jorildyn - 13:00

TS came back up last night. No worries!

Grey Jorildyn - 18:18

TS is currently down. We have a ticket in to resolve the issue (1/5/15)

Xerlic - 15:45

Just realized we didn't have a Christmas swag thread.

Grey Jorildyn - 16:24

Merry Christmas to all.

Grey Jorildyn - 09:24


Xerlic - 09:11

WTB new internet connection for Vel.

Bjornsin - 13:17

Inquisition Tonight!

Grey Jorildyn - 12:08

Going to see it tonight!

Kittra Thelder - 01:04

Interstellar was actually pretty good. Long but good.

Ald - 23:27

If it's 1/10th the movie 2001 is, then i'll be happy.

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