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8-man Normal Eternity Vault Cleared!

Since the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic on December 22, 2011, Radiant Impact has been busy at work getting to level 50 and ultimately enjoying the great content the game has to off. In our first week of unofficial official raiding, RI has completely cleared the Eternity Vault on Normal Mode in 8-man. The first couple of days were filled with bugs and some wiping, but everyone pulled through to get it done. Thanks to the following people for making the Operation a success:

Zladan | Yo'duh | Blackdeath | Elohim | Ald | Guldan | Mahdi | Damsel | Aduil


And a special thanks to Elohim, who we were able to pull in from out-of-guild as our second healer. He was a fantastic healer and addition to the group, and ultimately helped make the Operation a success.

Starting on Wednesday January 11, 2012, Radiant Impact will begin its official 16-man raiding.


NI Leadership

Guild Leader

Fisher Hide


Lect Eleon

Reli Turino


Code Maverick

Raid Leader

Grey Jorildyn

Luth Or


NI Recruitment

Desired jobs:

  Astrologian Open!
  Bard Open!
   Black Mage Open!
  Dark Knight Open!
  Dragoon Open!
  Machinist Open!
  Monk Open!
  Paladin Open!
   Scholar Open!
   Summoner Open!
   White Mage Open!

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