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Sunday, 16 November 2014 20:29

IGC Podcast #26 - Thanks Everyone

We sincerely wish to thank Ubisoft for releasing stuff too early.  You give us content!  This month EA has been a small player and they're making an interesting move no one saw coming.  A few good games have hit the shelves and we've got stuff to say about them.  Listen to the whole show to get the scoop on what we think about this month's happenings!

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 00:22

FCoB Turn 1 (T10) cleared!

Our first raid team has cleared Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 1, commonly known as Turn 10 or T10 this evening. It was a hard road littered with disconnects and scheduling issues but we're powering through things and getting on track for T11 practice the rest of the week! FCoB has been really interesting so far and the story only gets better.

Monday, 03 November 2014 00:20

NI clears Shiva Extreme with ease!

Neutral Impact has cleared the Shiva Extreme battle and has moved onto farm status now. We snagged a bunch of weapons and accessories for members over this past weekend and are feeling good about the new item level of 111(!!1!!). Patch 2.4 is great and we're having a blast moving through the content.

Sunday, 02 November 2014 00:11

Extra Life a HUGE success in 2014!

The Extra Life fundraiser was a big hit IGC in 2014. Together our team raised $1,116 dollars between seven participants. Congratulations to all those participated and a HUGE thank you to those that donated. You guys are the real heroes!

Friday, 24 October 2014 00:09

Extra Life Fundraiser this weekend!

A match made in heaven!  IGC will be taking part in the Extra Life fundraiser Oct 24 through the 26th!  Check out our full streaming schedule at our streaming page for details!

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