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For the last couple of weeks, SI chat was filled with pics of ice resist sets, discussions of strategies, and calls for Babouches to completely fail T2 crafts - Ash had set the date for the first LS attempt at Jormugand. Friday, in place of our normal Sky event, gathering began at seven p.m., as those easily lost (shut up) headed up early to ensure they were on time. Gathering at this remote location reminds you of the sheer scope of this game, running for 20 minutes as you thread the needle between true sight Tyrannotaurs (not the Pokemon kind) and lamenting your lack of Skulker's Capes as you recast sneak 32.6 times on the climb up the mountain. Unless you are me, because Linden sneaks are superior ofc.

In an hour, we were (mostly) gathered, and our first mission involved sneaking past Jormugand who seemed to have taken a liking to a very narrow tunnel with its ridiculous true aggro range. Mistakes were made. Sacrifices were undertaken. Let us speak no more of these events and awkwardly segueway into the real fight.

The first 75% was a learning experience as Tiiilo took the helm to call out Touchdown windows and healers/support learned when to stay in and when to run out, developing a rhythm of barblizzara and ice carol as the tanks built hate. From a curing perspective it was pretty mp intensive with just TD alone and healers were thankful for ballads and greendice. As we fought, we learned that a NIN can sleep it magically early on, but somehow elemental seal sleep can't touch it later in the fight. We learned that hate logging doesn't work, that summoner damage averaged 650, and that Thefizz was always casting something else when Blizzaga III began its cast yet still managed to stun 95% of them.

We also learned that Jormugand goes batshit crazy below 25%, and that 900 damage Gregale Wings back to back with Paralyga fests are difficult to recover from. But still, we were all collectively pumped, and went in for a second attempt after a wipe. Things moved much more quickly this time, with all having learned the rhythm, and we hit 18% about 30 minutes sooner than on our first attempt. All looked fantastic, and then Jorm went nuts again. Without a method to sleep the mob and recover, the fight turned into another wipe, best expressed by Tiiilo's poignant screenshot study "Taru Faceplant in Snow".


Still, despite the fail, it felt amazing to be fighting something that truly required coordination, timing and reflexes on everyone's part. Being on discord for four hours felt like nothing, everyone attentive and keeping spirits up while urgently focused on the task at hand. Cures flew out from bards and cors and summoners alike, paralynas and stuns landed at clutch moments, Ash converted while being beat on by a giant purple dragon, and all these things added up to what felt like a collective win despite the fail. And yes, I'm 1000% embracing this Hallmark moment so please kindly suck it if you just rolled your eyes. Sometimes it really is about the effort and the experience, and SI showed and lived it in spades against Jorm.

Just ask the level 33 WHM who trundled hateless up the mountain and cured us all.



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