General Rules

1. Loot distribution is determined by the event leader ahead of time to adequately gear the entire group for progression. Each member of the group is responsible for letting the event leader know which items are "best in slot" for their current job/role. It is up to the event leader to determine how to handle secondary, and in some cases tertiary, job/role loot.

2. While not a requirement, we do prefer to fill NI event groups with NI members. IF a member of NI is not available or does not meet the demands of the role, non-NI event members may be sought out.

3. Events are NOT mandatory, however you are encouraged to attend as many events as possible when you are logged in.

4. Attendees are expected to fill out schedules of availability for any planned events if a leader requests.

5. Members must be early or on time for any events they are participating in.

6. You must be fully prepared for the event before the scheduled start time. Make sure your gear is fully repaired and you have an adequate supply of food and stat enhancing potions. 


NI Leadership

Guild Leader

Athrin Siren


Ashe Fimbulvetr

Zandia Wilder


Alaghmaral Tumet

Rayne Storm

Seifer Arumashi

Raid Leader

Kiwi Collapse



NI Recruitment

Desired Jobs:

  Bard Medium!
   Black Mage Medium!
  Dragoon Medium!
  Machinist Medium!
  Monk Medium!
  Ninja Medium!
   Summoner Medium!
  Dark Knight Medium!
  Paladin Medium!
  Warrior Medium!
  Astrologian Medium!
   Scholar Medium!
   White Mage Medium!

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