Neutral Impact returns for the latest patch and has jumped right into raids. We've got a new raid team now and are working our way into the end game. First up (and down) -- Refurbisher. After only a couple nights of work we've downed this bastard and are moving onto the next challenge! Creator raids sure looking like a walk in the park so far but still a whole lot of fun!

Left to right:  Seifer Arumashi, Athrin Siren, Crooked Hillary (front), Grey Jorildyn (rear), Kiwi Collapse (front), Elana Beaulieu, Ashe Fimbulvetr and Brac Sith

Catch our video here!

The spoils: Alexandrian Belt of Scouting and Alexandrian Bracelets of Casting.

Now on to the next boss!


# Athrin 2016-10-04 17:34
Officially changing my name to: The mullet!
# Grey 2016-10-04 17:36

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NI Leadership

Guild Leader

Athrin Siren


Ashe Fimbulvetr

Zandia Wilder


Alaghmaral Tumet

Rayne Storm

Seifer Arumashi

Raid Leader

Kiwi Collapse



NI Recruitment

Desired Jobs:

  Bard Medium!
   Black Mage Medium!
  Dragoon Medium!
  Machinist Medium!
  Monk Medium!
  Ninja Medium!
   Summoner Medium!
  Dark Knight Medium!
  Paladin Medium!
  Warrior Medium!
  Astrologian Medium!
   Scholar Medium!
   White Mage Medium!

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