In some cases the philosophy "a win's a win" has meaning.  This is one of those cases!  After seven weeks of grinding at the bit in A7S, raid team Kiwi's Playhouse (formerly Grey's Roughnecks) has taken out Quickthinks Allthoughts in a brutal co-death experience.  It died to dots right after the enrage went off.  Truly it was an epic win.  Check out the video for extra lulz!

Left to right:  Rayne Storm, Cyonjia Rimano, Kiwi Collapse (front), Kya Purrcy, Lect Eleon (front), Grey Jorildyn, Brac Sith, and Seifer Arumashi

FOR EXTREME LULZ: Video (Bracsith)

The spoils:  Midan Goggles of Scouting and Midan Horn of Casting.  Seifer took the twine and Rayne got his dip (happy birthday you old man).

A win's a win but hopefully we'll do it better next time! 

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